by Susie Wright


Swooping hawks, geometrically-feathered chickens and glassy-eyed owls will all inhabit the London gallery Art Work Space at the end of May for an exhibition featuring Fran Giffard, Izzie Klingels, Ella

Tresset’s residency at the JWT Innovation Lab in London

Robots that draw

Perhaps 2001: A Space Odyssey’s Hal would have been a lot happier if he’d had a chance to draw as part of Stanley Kubrick’s film. Coming to London’s Tenderpixel Gallery


The new Ella’s

Blue Marlin has created packaging for organic children’s and baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen. Blue Marlin global chief executive Andrew Eyles says, ’The original design was very close to the


Chilli gets the cream

Leeds-based consultancy Chilli UK has designed new packaging for Kelly’s of Cornwall Clotted Cream ice-cream. The new packaging depicts the Cornish coastline, and aims to better differentiate the flavours in


News in Pictures

Silk Pearce has created a campaign for Paper Co to promote its 9 Lives range of recycled papers and boards.

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