2 September 1999

Just what you need after a hard day’s grazing

You couldn’t get much more politically incorrect than to name a range of bath products Cowshed, but that hasn’t deterred Babington House. The company is launching a ten-strong range of bath oils and shampoos, designed in-house. There are sub-brands with different therapeutic properties, including Horny Cow, Flaky Cow and Stroppy Cow. Milk that one.


The illustrative work of Royal College of Art student Martina Jirankova will be on show from 6 September until 15 October. Venue: Gabriele Skelton, Roberts House, 103 Hammersmith Road, London W14. Italian furniture manufacturer Cassina exhibits the Cassina Masters Collection in London from 6-17 September. Designs by Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Rennie […]

Luxon Carrà brands ULU

Luxon Carrà has developed a new identity and marketing guidelines for the University of London Union, the combined Students’ Union for all 110 000 University of London students.

Merger creates giant retailer

The world’s second largest retailer after Wal-Mart was created this week with the £30bn merger of French groups Carrefour and Promodès. The merged group will be called Carrefour.

Legibility is being lost in typographic design

If the trend to reverse text out of halftones, black or any colour under the sun continues, why ignore the rules of typographic design that would ensure more legible text? Typefaces for this job need to be chosen carefully and be bold enough to withstand possible ink encroachment and misregister. They need to work well […]


Sephora, currently the leading chain of perfume and cosmetics stores in France and the second largest in Europe, has created a revolutionary approach to cosmetics retailing. This new system has turned shopping for beauty products into a totally different experience. The concept, designed by Chafik Gasmi, puts the customer in charge by offering a hands-on, […]

Sculpture at Goodwood

In the woods at Hat Hill Copse, you could happen upon a jolly fish on a bicycle, a pair of twirling, 4m-high hippo-like creatures frozen mid-waltz or perhaps the crowd of 40 silent copper and steel human figures.

Future Dates

A new gallery devoted to architecture and design opens with the exhibition Superstructure from 18 September until 30 October. Mama, a group of postgraduates from the MA Creative Technology course at the University of Salford showcase a broad range of Web, CD-ROM, video and installation work. Contact: 0161-237 5525. Venue: Cube, 113-115 Portland Street, Manchester […]

Din to continue French Connection

Fashion retailer French Connection is to open in-store spa bars, which will offer products and services to help customers to relax after strenuous shopping trips. Din Associates is developing concepts for the new bars, which are unlikely to be implemented until next year. Due to space restrictions, “They will be in stores which have enough […]

Recognising the problems with the BA identity

I eat in Terence Conran’s restaurants (sometimes) and like their style. How well he understands how to give atmosphere and character. From his letter (DW 6 August), how little he understands basic principles of perception and recognition. David Bernstein hit it on the button: British Airways’ innovative identity could never work as such. Why? Because […]

Travellers’ checks

Sara Manuelli tracks down the latest train of thought in railway design, where stations are following the lead of airports, and upping their customer service

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