20 November 2008


Consultancies vie for Sainsbury’s roster

Packaging design and branding consultancies are this week in the process of presenting to Sainsbury’s ahead of final appointments to the supermarket giant’s design roster, Design Week can reveal.Sainsbury’s confirms it is ‘in the middle of the process’ of putting together a new design roster and will ‘appoint consultancies by the end of December’.It is […]

It Was So Quiet I Could Hear a Pin Drop, a new children’s book about the sounds we hear around the house, has been designed and written by Fivebargate creative director Andy Goodman.

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It Was So Quiet I Could Hear a Pin Drop, a new children’s book about the sounds we hear around the house, has been designed and written by Fivebargate creative director Andy Goodman. It will be published next month by Edizioni Corraini.

Julie Oxberry

Punch through the crunch

High street retailers are in the credit crunch front line, but it’s not all doom and gloom, says Julie Oxberry.
Adding value to the shopping experience will keep tills ringing

A plan from 1909, by the Transport Ministry and the
City of Paris. It shows planned lines as well as those in operation, superimposed on a street map

Art metro

Harry Beck it ain’t, but maps created over the years of the Paris Metro system have a beauty and interest all their own. Here is a selection from a book that looks back to the first few

New Asset [square]

It may represent the future of shopping, but lose the italics

I can’t comment on the ‘experience’ per se, because I have not yet visited Westfield London (www.designweek. co.uk, 31 October). What I can say, however, is that whoever chose that god-awful italic script for the signage should be shot. Dated, clumsy and cheap. It looks as if someone in the back office knocked it up. […]

New Asset [square]

One word changes it all – guilty by association?

When the Government first passed the London 2012 Olympic bill, which was partly aimed at protecting official sponsors of the event, there was a whole debate as to whether the bill stopped any organisation that was not an official sponsor of the games from using certain words – such as ‘games’, ‘olympics’ and ‘2012’ – […]


London lights the way with its cutting-edge creative sector, but it is so easily snuffed out in times of recession. Boris Johnson should use us, not lose us. He should support us to trailblaze good design thinking through these up-and-coming bleak times by employing our creative minds to help his team tackle the big city […]

Obama [square]

There’s a place for politics, and it’s not in Design Week

Do we need political bias when reading Design Week? When reading the recent article by Michael Johnson on the US presidential election, I certainly got it (Poll positions, DW 30 October), complete with an over-simplified and skewed explanation of the Bradley effect. Politics – and politics within design – is an interesting and worthy subject, […]

The home page of the Barack Obama website


US President-elect Barack Obama owes much of his success to his command of the Internet as a fundraising and organising tool. Both Obama and Republican rival John McCain relied on the Net to bolster their campaigns, but Obama’s online success dwarfed his opponent’s and proved key to his winning the presidency.Volunteers used Obama’s website to […]

Jim Davies

Rediscovering time

The economic downturn is really an opportunity,
argues Jim Davies – it could free us from some of
our burdens and give us a chance to take stock

Illustrator and fashion designer Julie Verhoeven has created a Christmas card for the Royal College of Art.

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Finnish illustrator Kustaa Saksi will present his new book of retrospective work, and show a new series of war-hero characters and large-scale, never-before-seen prints as part of The Heroes exhibition at the Boudisque gallery in Amsterdam, The Netherla

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Jaywing creates branding for cultural initiative Hull 2017

Consultancy Jaywing has created the place branding for Hull 2017, the initiative marking the northern city’s status as UK City of Culture. The logo is an “H” shape constructed out of a series of geometric lines, used against a colourful palette of purple, green, yellow, blue and pink. Gavin Shore, creative director at Jaywing, says […]