23 March 2006

Established & Sons in Milan launch

Upmarket furniture maker Established & Sons is to introduce its first products by Jasper Morrison as it launches its second collection in Milan next month. On show will also be the fruits of its work with design duo Frank.

Concorde named nation’s favourite design

Concorde has been named as the nation’s favourite British design since 1900 in the Great British Design Quest, a vote organised by the Design Museum and BBC2’s The Culture Show (DW 2 February 2006). It was designed in the late 1960s by British Aerospace with Aerospatiale.

London calling

Land Securities asked design groups to collaborate to brand its London property, says Clare Goff. The approach has impacted hugely on DW Awards shortlists.

Misunderstanding over in-house design teams

I contributed to your Vox Pop section about design management shifts at British Airways (DW 16 March). Unfortunately, the editing process has completely altered the intended meaning of the text. The full version was: As a director of an external design consultancy, I say ‘Three cheers’. Our livelihoods are generally based on there not being […]

What’s in store?

After years of stagnation, in-store environments are evolving to provide futuristic, interactive consumer experiences, with mobile phone stores leading the way. But it’s not only technology retailers that could benefit from this approach, says Trish Lorenz Life has become a lot more involving over the past ten years. Today we can interact, personalise and play […]

Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all

Haydn Cooper, eat your heart out (DW 16 March). News is only news when it is bad news – just watch BBC News at Ten or ITV News Tonight. One famous reporter tried to encourage ‘good news’ reporting and was laughed out of class. Publish your work in Design Week and wait for the criticism […]


Following his appointment as the next director of the Design Museum last week, what should Deyan Sudjic’s focus and priorities be when he takes up the post next September?At the time of – and possibly by means of – the 2012 London Olympics, Deyan Sudjic’s main priority should be to ensure that design is recognised […]

Exhibition of posters to run at Aram Gallery

An exhibition of posters by designers including Neville Brody, Airside and Pentagram (pictured), created for advertising publisher Don’t Panic, will run at the Aram Gallery in London’s Covent Garden from 30 March to 28 April. The 90 posters on display are drawn from Don’t Panic’s advertiser-funded ‘goodie bags’, which have been distributed to venues, clubs […]

Green get-ups

Prepare to have any prejudiced expectations about ‘eco fashion’ exploded by this offering of funky, fresh garments and must-have, eye-candy accessories, which are innovative yet affordable, daring yet wearable. Until now, eco fashion has had the same boring, public image as eating your greens – if it’s made of hemp, it must be beige and […]

Criticism helps us to understand good and bad design

Haydn Cooper seems to think that the pages of Design Week are full of bullies, criticising the hard work of dedicated designers (DW 16 March). This is not so – very little criticism of design ever appears in DW or anywhere else. Indeed, this lack of criticism is one of the principal reasons why design […]

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