16 March 2006

Design-led thinking was British Airways’s asset

As an ex-member of British Airways’s marketing management team, I feel I must comment, more in sorrow than in anger, on the news of the disbandment of the British Airways design management team (DW 9 March). Memories seem to be overly short as to the fact that British Airways’s very existence is due to the […]

Forging ahead

Next month, the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Modernism blockbuster will showcase some of the most famous designs of all time. Hugh Pearman ponders the path of the era’s classic furniture, from its progressive origins to ubiquity today.

Design Week Top 100 deadline

The deadline for submitting your entries to the Design Week Top 100 survey has been extended to 22 March. Forms can be downloaded from the Design Week website, www.design-week.co.uk, and should be returned to Michelle Reeve at Design Week, 50 Poland Street, London W1F 7AX, or via email to michelle.reeve@centaur.co.uk.

Dyson victory is landmark case for design rights

A long-running court case, which concluded last week, served to clarify the reach of design rights in common law. The outcome of the case strengthens the rights of designers to claim ownership of visual work, after spare parts company Qualtex was judged to be infringing Dyson’s design rights on visual grounds. Bringing to a conclusion […]

Royal Society of Arts points students in the right direction

Concerning the confusion between awards offered by the Royal Society of Arts and Chartered Society of Designers (DW 2 March), may I clear up a further error? The name of the RSA student award scheme is RSA Design Directions, not Future Directions. Susan Hewer, Head of design, Royal Society of Arts, London WC2N

Enterprise IG promotes Daun as Haggarty exits

Steve Haggarty, managing creative director of Enterprise IG’s Brand Experience division, has left the consultancy to ‘pursue his own interests’. He is replaced by creative director Sue Daun (pictured). Haggarty, who left the group last week, joined Enterprise IG in 2002 from Fitch (DW 27 June 2002). He is understood to be planning his own […]

Stadium of the art

Entering from the urban jungle that is London’s Holloway Road, my first impression of Arsenal’s new Emirates Stadium (designed by HOK Sport) was ‘wow’ – here is a true temple to the beautiful game. Seeing it took me back to the first time I visited Wembley with my father. I should, though, declare that I […]

The old ones are the best when it comes to slogans

‘Here here.’ – to David Bishop, regarding Coley Porter Bell’s Blue Sky designs competition (DW 9 March). I, too, think ‘I Scream’ works better than ‘Ice Scream’, especially as it’s an old, established school yard chant. And no one understands the reason for the spelling error ‘hear’. Perhaps someone from Coley Porter Bell could tell […]

Back to life

The St Bride Library is home to many precious relics of our printing past. Hannah Booth meets up with a designer determined to save this heritage by digitising forgotten typefaces, says Hannah Booth.

British Council Talented winners to exhibit in Milan

Fifteen design students from universities across Britain will have their work displayed as part of the Milan Furniture Fair next month, after winning a design competition run by the British Council. The competition, Talented, invited students graduating this year or last from undergraduate and postgraduate courses in design, to submit work in a range of […]

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