Thorsten van Elten slams Culturelabel brief

Nascent online cultural products retailer Culturelabel has come in for criticism from design champion Thorsten van Elten, following the launch of a competition to find new designs to sell on its website and in international museum shops.The competition, titled Release 1.0, hopes to inspire ‘fresh, new museum- or galleryshop products with style, panache and ingenuity’ […]

Ann Summers keeps design affairs in-house

Ann Summers is looking in-house to help it weather the high street retail sales slump in the lead-up to Christmas.The lingerie and sex aids chain will roll out its next project, a campaign called Hotel, over the next six months across its UK network of 132 stores.The campaign, which includes retail design, visual merchandising, point-of-sale […]

Radical changes for packaging after Courtauld update

The UK’s major retailers could be set to radically change the way they measure the environmental impact of packaging, following discussions on Monday.In a move that could paradoxically see waste packaging volumes rise, according to some experts, signatories of the Courtauld Commitment – a voluntary agreement between UK retailers to design out packaging waste – […]

Sumo brands archeological heritage site

Newcastle-based design group Sumo has been appointed to breathe fresh life into one of the UK’s most significant archeological sites, Creswell Crags, as it prepares to open an £8m museum and visitor centre.Creswell Heritage Trust briefed Sumo last month to create a new brand identity for the site, which will be rolled out in October […]

Tide of humanity

Few photographic chronicles have endured like Joseph Szabo’s record of Jones Beach in the US. Part catwalk, part rite of passage, Szabo has watched the Long Island shoreline, and its exuberant bathers, for almost 40 years, and while their fashions and maquillage have careered with the decades, his gaze has remained steady. From the sea […]

Branching out into branding

Shifting the direction of your business from design to branding is harder than it sounds, says Simon Black The shift from design to branding sounds easy, but it is not. Any sane person would not undertake this kind of a shift. It is about culture, values, belief systems – every practice inside the consultancy, every […]

Street-smart art

Brazil’s most populous city São Paulo celebrates the work of its graffiti artists, and none more so than Tinho. Sarah Frater takes a closer look at his vivid, colourful work which arrives on these shores this weekTHOSE WHO SAT through City of God, will find it hard to reconcile Fernando Meirelles’s brutal depiction of Rio […]

Let’s get behind one set of guidelinesfor procurement

Each time Design Week learns of a free pitch, it goes out of its way to highlight the breach of industry guidelines. This is very encouraging. But where are these industry guidelines? Several exist, including those o British Design Innovation. However, national and regional design bodies need to get behind one set of guidelines if […]

Incentivising reduction is a sign of the times

Last week you asked ‘What product would you revive and how would you like to rejuvenate it?’ (Voxpop, DW 17 July). I’d suggest New York. Its visual street landscape is so utterly chaotic that a Routemaster bus would simply be lost in the clutter. It is not just the energising cacophony of advertisements, people, shops, […]


Peter Schreyer, chief design officer for Kia Cars, says he wants to make his cars ‘design-led’ rather than about ‘value’. Are these two concepts mutually exclusive when designing products? There is a conflict between ‘design-led’, ‘value’ and ‘bottom-line unit profitability’. But these issues are eclipsed by the word ‘customer’. It takes bravery to pitch to […]

Can our working practices and family life ever co-exist?

I feel compelled to write after reading Adrian Shaughnessy’s piece ‘Talking a good game’ (Private View, DW 3 July). I am a woman and have worked as a graphic designer for 20 years. I do think the trend of top jobs going to men is a reflection of society in general, but the creative industry […]

Inspired – Mike Pearson: Pearson Matthews

I choose to nominate two objects. They both impress me, yet are connected. One is Barbara Hepworth’s Oval Sculpture No 2, the other is the Aston Martin DB7.In 1943, Barbara Hepworth created this sculpture by blending convex and concave forms with radical new features such as piercing scallops and sharp highlighted edges that merged. In […]

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