Sumo brands archeological heritage site

Newcastle-based design group Sumo has been appointed to breathe fresh life into one of the UK’s most significant archeological sites, Creswell Crags, as it prepares to open an £8m museum

Tide of humanity

Few photographic chronicles have endured like Joseph Szabo’s record of Jones Beach in the US. Part catwalk, part rite of passage, Szabo has watched the Long Island shoreline, and its

Branching out into branding

Shifting the direction of your business from design to branding is harder than it sounds, says Simon Black The shift from design to branding sounds easy, but it is not.

Street-smart art

Brazil’s most populous city São Paulo celebrates the work of its graffiti artists, and none more so than Tinho. Sarah Frater takes a closer look at his vivid, colourful work


Peter Schreyer, chief design officer for Kia Cars, says he wants to make his cars ‘design-led’ rather than about ‘value’. Are these two concepts mutually exclusive when designing products? There

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