4 September 1997

Fun branding for Italian pizza

The Italian Pizza Company (Tipico) has entered the take-away pizza market in Italy with a home-baked offer. – The brand and retail outlets for the service are designed by Minale Tattersfield & Partners.


Neil Spiller records the evolution of Red Fig, a company dedicated to identifying and exploring opportunities in interactive communication.

Marathon Man

Richard Morrison of Plume is a very successful film title designer, but he realises that you can’t afford to take things for granted. Yolanda Zappaterra talks to Morrison about his determination to stay the course and overleaf describes the process used t

Design studios at risk of theft

THE police are warning design groups to invest in extra security measures after a series of burglaries on studios. – Design consultancies are a lucrative target for burglars as their powerful computer equipment is easy to trade on the black market, says a

Drinks firms upset after alcopops ruling

The scrapping or redesigning of a number of alcopops, ordered this week, has left drinks manufacturers in confusion, and complaining that it’s impossible to ensure they can launch drinks meeting the criteria. Industry watchdog The Portman Group wants a crackdown on designs which may appeal to under-18s. This week, five products were ordered off the […]

A new school of thought

The higher education system is set for change, and design courses could benefit from a fresh approach. Liz Farrelly examines the new initiatives at one successful art school

Employers are letting talent slip away

Having obtained a BA(Hons) in 3D Design (grade 2:1) in July 1996, I was looking forward to applying my skills in the commercial world. Perhaps there are jobs out there, but not for new entrants! Time and again job advertisements specified a requirement for two years or more experience. Almost one year on, not one […]

Safeway puts interactive info screens to test

Supermarket chain Safeway is testing an interactive information kiosk, devised by Sampson Tyrrell Enterprise, at stores in Milton Keynes and Malvern. The graphics, screen layouts and housings of the Easi-screen terminals are intended to blend with the rest of the supermarkets’ in-store communications, which Sampson Tyrrell has overseen as a corporate identity adviser over the […]

Mark Baldwin quits to move to S Africa

Mark Baldwin, group creative head of graphics group Quarton Baldwin, is leaving the consultancy he founded 12 years ago to emigrate to South Africa. After leaving the Surrey group at the end of September, Baldwin plans to work freelance from Cape Town with a view to opening a Quarton Baldwin office in the Republic. “There […]

Where can graduates gain work experience?

Why is it that a lot of companies seem only to offer jobs to those with a number of years experience post degree? There appears to be little support for those with ambition, drive and enthusiasm, and the standard of career advice is not at the level it should be. I have recently graduated with […]

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