Getty Images makes wild assumption on trends

Having augured a gap in the trend-prediction market, picture library Getty Images has launched ‘edgy’ insight magazine Edit. The publication, edited by Guardian contributor John O’Reilly, advises us that tea is the new fashionable drink, and that ‘wildlife appearing out of context’ (a bear in the bathtub? a penguin at the Post Office?) is the […]

Fashion designers explore the unrelated

Fashion designers aren’t afraid to plunder unrelated fields for inspiration (Alexander McQueen’s flirtation with taxidermy, anyone?). But until a joint O2 and Royal College of Art competition last month, few had tried to create threads inspired by tunes. First prize went to RCA Fashion & Textiles students Christopher Glaister and Michelle Shakallis (pictured) for their […]

FutureBrand axes staff in London

FutureBrand is making a round of staff redundancies at its London office this week, the consultancy has confirmed. Though a spokeswoman says the group is unable to comment in detail during its period of employee consultation, FutureBrand is understood to have made between ten and 15 people redundant, according to sources close to the group. […]

‘Scientist’ gives the rub on sales generation

Brand Lands, Hot Spots & Cool Spaces is the soon-to-be-published book by dramatist, guru and psychologist – one title clearly isn’t enough when you’re a self-described ‘performing scientist’ – Dr Christian Mikunda.

The desired effect

As computer-generated imagery becomes ever more realistic and sophisticated, Yolanda Zappaterra finds out how film production designers integrate live sets with artificial effects

The Angel Therapy Rooms launches in Islington

The Angel Therapy Rooms launches in London’s Islington this week, with branding by Aloof Design. The identity reflects the treatment rooms’ ‘calming and ethereal environment’, says consultancy director Michelle Kostyrka.

Great Ormond Hospital gets richer with Still Waters Run Deep

London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital is nearly half-a-million pounds richer thanks to Still Waters Run Deep creative and managing director Anita Brightley-Hodges and 19 other volunteers. The group recently returned from a 100km, ten-day fundraising trek along Namibia’s Ugab River, which raised £45 000 for the children’s hospital. Brightley-Hodges (pictured) lists stroking a black rhinoceros, […]

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