AFID Design founder to exhibit at Launch2006

AFID Design founder Michael Armstrong will exhibit his +T2A table at the Launch2006 event for contemporary designers in the North East. The show kicks off a four-day run on 21 June at the decommissioned Central Fire Station in Newcastle. Launch, which was

Accreditation for creative businesses is a crazy concept

The idea of an industry body controlled by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport handing out accreditation to successful businesses in the creative sector fills me with horror (DW 25 May). Might I suggest that those frustrated civil servants who fancy their chances as creative entrepreneurs in the real world consider adding their own […]

Wolff Olins in global brand for London

Wolff Olins has been appointed by Visit London body London Unlimited to develop a brand for the city. The consultancy fought off several other groups in a pitch and will spend two months on the project, which aims to distil the pre-Olympic excitement of London into a global brand. London Unlimited was launched last autumn […]

Hartley leaves Lippincott Mercer

Kim Hartley has left brand consultancy Lippincott Mercer to join Construct. Hartley was senior associate at Lippincott Mercer for two years, and creative director of graphics at Four IV prior to that.

Bubble appointed by architect website Arca

Bubble has been appointed to design the website for architect Arca. The creative group has been briefed to create a modern, design-led site that will feature live RSS news feeds on the firm’s projects.

Profile: Walking-Chair

Walking-Chair has made its name with unlikely designs, such as a chandelier for a bare light bulb, and composes a song for each product. Hannah Booth talks to Fidel Peugeot, one half of the quirky duo At Designersblock’s 2002 show in the Bargehouse, by London’s Oxo Tower, it was unusually busy around one corner of […]

There is more than omissions to worry about in The Top 100

That eagerly awaited time of year has arrived again – The Top 100 Consultancy Survey. As usual, the survey raises the odd eyebrow or two and sheds yet more light on the profitability of the design industry. Of particular interest are the consultancies with a high staff count and London overheads that, when matched to […]

Design bodies must have better things to spend time on

Those of us of a certain age will recall that accreditation (DW 25 May) raises its head periodically, and particularly at a time when design bodies are casting around for something to justify their continuation. About 20 years ago, the ‘old’ Design Council tried to force BS5750 (later ISO 9000) on a bewildered design community […]

A logo for all times

The truly successful designs don’t go away easily. Hugh Pearman marvels at the old British Rail logo, which is getting yet another lease of life Some logos are so strong, they just refuse to die. Back in the mid-1990s, I found myself writing the obituary for the familiar twin-arrow British Rail logo, introduced in 1964. […]

Firstsite to pick team for £16.5m Colchester venue

The Essex-based arts complex Firstsite is putting together a team of designers to undertake a raft of projects, as it prepares to move into a £16.5m venue designed by New York architect Rafael Viñoly. Firstsite is poised to appoint a landscape and lighting design consultancy to work up concepts to ensure that the site scheme […]

Esterson reworks New Statesman

The New Statesman unveils its radically overhauled design tomorrow, as part of a relaunch intended to explode the left-wing weekly’s worthy-but-dull image.

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