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Imani Nuñez: “Design is not only my craft – it is my weapon of choice”

Imani Nuñez is an Afro-Latina designer living in New York’s South Bronx – her Puerto Rican and Dominican cultural roots have provided a strong sense of identity and a rich source of inspiration for her work.

We speak to her about how her cultural background has influenced her, and the importance of design to empower communities.

Greg Bunbury: “One project demonstrated how graphic design could be a tool for social change”

Graphic designer, digital designer and illustrator Greg Bunbury has worked his way across the industry over the years after cutting his teeth at Interbrand. His proudest moment was when he realised that design has the power to elicit positive social change.

In his latest Four Corners interview, Jon Daniel talks to Bunbury, who reveals that his biggest challenge over his career has been a personal one – “Getting good at what I do”.

“I graduated to no jobs so I decided to freelance. I have been freelancing ever since”

Using screen-printing as his medium and T-shirts as his canvas, US graphic designer and artist Donald G Wooten II has built a solid rep and fan base with his distinctive style of vector based artwork celebrating many of his personal heroes and heroines.

In his latest Four Corners interview, Jon Daniel joins him as he makes the move from his previous home city of Baltimore to Atlanta, Georgia.

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