Lord’s bowled over by identity

Lord’s Cricket Ground is rebranding in a bid to become the Wimbledon of cricket, with brand strategy by Cognosis and identity and graphics by Circle. The refreshed marque is designed

You can’t kid the kids

Teenagers have grown out of the marketing tactics used for youth brands, forcing designers to speak to ‘young adults’ in their own language, says Danielle Green If you’re selling to

CDG brands Shell hydrogen station

Conran Design Group has created branding for Shell Hydrogen’s refuelling station in Reykjavik, Iceland, as the petroleum giant promotes its investment in alternative fuels to a wider public. The site,

Design Bridge scores at Everton

Everton Football Club are crowning a high-profile season with the launch of a revamped visual language created by Design Bridge, as the club moves to consolidate its brand and capitalise

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