19-25 January 2015

Logos that represent sound and movement

Bruce Mau Design has been making waves with its new branding for wireless speaker company Sonos. We look at this and other logos that represent sound and movement.

Highspeed camera that captured first seconds of British nuclear bomb blast test

Science Museum remembers Churchill’s scientists

The Science Museum is commemorating the 50th anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill’s death with an exhibition looking at the scientific, design and technological breakthroughs which marked his tenure as a wartime and peacetime prime minister.


Who would you never work for?

Plenty of designers have rules about the types of companies they would never accept as clients. According to my (anecdotal) research, arms dealers, tobacco brands, gambling and online loans companies are most commonly on these “proscribed” lists. Maybe you have one yourself?


The week in design

Our most-read stories of the week 1. Jacob’s biscuits is rolling out a new identity and packaging designs as part of a £10 million push to create a new “masterbrand” for the biscuits. 2. Google is scrapping Google Glass in its current form but the company says it will work on a replacement. 3. Coley Porter Bell […]

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