9 February 2006

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With some websites now celebrating their tenth birthday, Design Week asked a selection of influential people involved in on-line design to nominate their favourite Web design. This is what they

Inside out

Barcelona’s new Torre Agbar building has been described as phallic and as resembling London’s Gherkin. But it’s interior is as impressive as the exterior and posed just as many design

Henwood creates Klong toy

Fine artist Simon Henwood has created a children’s toy called Klong for Playbeast. The creature is designed to double as a scarf, comforter or pillow.

Chinese office for Jack Morton

Jack Morton Worldwide will next week open an office in Beijing, its first presence in mainland China. According to Lois Jacobs, president international for Jack Morton Worldwide, the move is

Burned for blazing her own trail?

Alice Rawsthorn had a profound effect on the Design Museum’s fortunes, so why is her ‘departure’ shrouded in secrecy? Scott Billings investigates Alice Rawsthorn’s (pictured) sudden departure as director of the

CX on wheels

Cars may only take you from A to B, but some are more stylish than others. Hugh Pearman reminisces about the classic Citroën CX and says the original is the

Streets ahead

Tropicália was, in a way, Brazil’s version of the Swinging Sixties, but with more of a political agenda. As with most things Brazilian, the movement had its origins in music

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