9 February 2006

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With some websites now celebrating their tenth birthday, Design Week asked a selection of influential people involved in on-line design to nominate their favourite Web design. This is what they said… Ranzie Anthony, Creative partner, Tonic www.leoburnett.ca – designed by Toronto office of sister company Arc Worldwide IT’S an interesting time to be talking about […]

Inside out

Barcelona’s new Torre Agbar building has been described as phallic and as resembling London’s Gherkin. But it’s interior is as impressive as the exterior and posed just as many design challenges, says Clare Dowdy AS Barcelona’s latest signature building, the Torre Agbar is making a considerable impression – on the locals at least. Designed by […]

More people expect bad grammar than good

I agree with the sentiments of Mark Cox (Letters, DW 5 January), who is just as confused as me regarding the work of Adam Ellis that appeared a month earlier (Inspired, DW 1 December), where he rebrands the ice cream van for an adult audience (particularly ‘Is it chilli in hear’). A bit of a […]

Henwood creates Klong toy

Fine artist Simon Henwood has created a children’s toy called Klong for Playbeast. The creature is designed to double as a scarf, comforter or pillow.

Chinese office for Jack Morton

Jack Morton Worldwide will next week open an office in Beijing, its first presence in mainland China.According to Lois Jacobs, president international for Jack Morton Worldwide, the move is a response to rapidly growing opportunities in the country. ‘About 50 per cent of what we do from our [existing] Hong Kong office is in mainland […]

Burned for blazing her own trail?

Alice Rawsthorn had a profound effect on the Design Museum’s fortunes, so why is her ‘departure’ shrouded in secrecy? Scott Billings investigates Alice Rawsthorn’s (pictured) sudden departure as director of the Design Museum two weeks ago was almost presented as part of the museum’s new development phase (DW 2 February). Details on the nature of her […]

Accessibility is the key to Design Museum’s future

In the Financial Times this week, John Gapper argued that brands are worth more than designers. He was writing in the context of fashion, where names such as Tom Ford and his successor at Gucci, Frida Giannini, enjoy public acclaim. In the less lofty realms of design, it has ever been the case. Even Apple […]

Green Room Retail stirs up Aga/Fired Earth store interiors

Aga Foodservice Group has appointed Green Room Retail to create a fresh retail concept for its ten jointly-branded Aga and Fired Earth outlets.It is the first time the company has drafted in a consultancy to work in a strategic capacity on the design of the shops. Signage, fixture design, graphics, layout and display systems will […]

CX on wheels

Cars may only take you from A to B, but some are more stylish than others. Hugh Pearman reminisces about the classic Citroën CX and says the original is the best Readers of this column know that I’m no petrol head. Cars bore me, but there’s one, which turns up in my street from time […]

Retailers woo consumers with ethical marketing

Concern about ethical and health issues, from clothing and food, appears to be forcing retailers to reconsider product, packaging and interior designs, giving rise to a new breed of eco-friendly brand positioning. Last week, Marks & Spencer launched the first phase of a campaign to highlight its own ethical stance, telling customers about the way […]

Streets ahead

Tropicália was, in a way, Brazil’s version of the Swinging Sixties, but with more of a political agenda. As with most things Brazilian, the movement had its origins in music and, in particular, the music of – among others – the great Gilberto Gil. To get in the mood, I suggest you visit http://uncpress.unc.edu/tropicalia/, where […]

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