Sustainability in focus supplement


Service charge

If I had to pick two subjects guaranteed to make a stranger’s eyes glaze over, I probably couldn’t do better than pick ‘service design’ and ‘sustainability’ – try this at


Counting the digits

Sustainability is growing in importance within the design world, in terms of digital design as much as any other discipline. Nat Hunter of Airside looks at the footprints left by


Designers are getting Greener

Advances in a number of fields have increased the ways in which designers can introduce caring for the environment into their work. Lee Bazalgette of Factory Design explores the growing

The Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre exhibition

Sustainable discovery

As an increasing number of exhibition organisers turn to designers who can follow sustainable principles, how difficult is this in practise and is there a sufficient supply chain in place?


Pressing issues

Designers are increasingly realising the importance of how they use paper and specify print in the drive towards sustainable graphic design. Fiona Sibley looks at how developments in paper recycling

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